Design and maintenance

of Coverings and Floorings
for sports facilities

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    Sports Covers

    for Sports Facilities

    Single, double membrane, “Class A” or translucent pressostatic balloons, wooden or metal arch structures, geodesic structures.

    Fixed Roofing
    for Padel


    SPECIAL metal-framed “COPRIPADEL” TUNNELS with vertical walls, designed to cover both new and existing Padel courts.

    Removable Covers
    for Padel

    For single or multiple fields

    Our innovative “PADELBOXes,” pressostatic covers specially designed for both new and existing PADEL courts.

    The all-around solution for your sports facility

    Pressostatic balls of all types and flooring for soccer, padel, tennis, beach volleyball, and more.

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    Our references?

    20 years of victories: more than 2,000 playgrounds, more than 1,000,000 square meters of playground roofing installed.

    Production and Realization

    • Different types of covers to protect your desire for sports at any time of the year.

    • A suitable solution for any type of flooring for your playground.


    The quality that makes a difference in your game!

    Covers that withstand any adversity

    The strength and durability of our covers ensure that your sports field remains protected over time, allowing you to play uninterrupted and maintaining its impeccable appearance.

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