The new frontiers on roofing from Prima Srl

The innovative DOUBLE MEMBRANE “CLASS A” system consists of the joining of two parallel membranes between which a gap is created that at its maximum point reaches a distance of 35 centimeters, with no contact between the two membranes as they are not coupled together.

Due to this constant separation between inner and outer membrane along the entire roof, our double membrane eliminates contact points (present instead in traditional structures) that constitute thermal bridging and increases the thickness of the cavity, thus increasing the roof’s thermal insulation to the outside and decreasing heat loss (Average Heat Loss Coefficient U = 1.5) both compared to a single membrane (average loss U = 6.7) and compared to a traditional double membrane (average loss U = 3.2).

The increased insulation from the outside makes it possible to achieve an ENERGY SAVING OF AT LEAST 50% COMPARED TO A SINGLE MEMBRANE.

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