These are SPECIAL “COPRIPADEL” TUNNELs with a metal structure and vertical walls, specially designed to cover both new and existing Padel courts.

Such tunnels are removable, self-supporting, with a metal frame roof covered with strong and durable technical cloth (cloth color of your choice from our sample book). Vertical columns are anchored to the ground by appropriate curbs or concrete slabs, if any.

It is totally manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality control standards,certified and corresponding to the requirements for:

  • Quality of MIG/MAG wire welding according to UNI EN ISO 3834

  • CE marking with European standard EN-1090 (mandatory for all construction products from 01/07/2014)

The “COPRIPADEL” tunnel is designed and well constructed to withstand SNOW, WIND and SEISM as per the current technical standards for construction.

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